WordPress Popup Plugins for Your Membership Site

WordPress Popup Plugins for Your Membership Site

4 Ways to Leverage WordPress Popup Plugins to Make Your Membership Site More Profitable

Many membership site owners overlook the importance of using a WordPress pop-up plug-in because they know they already have access to their members via their websites. While it’s true you may already have access to your active members, a pop-up plug-in can be used for a variety of additional purposes as well to maximize the retention of new members as well as decrease your overall attrition rate.

  1. Increase Entry Points to Your Sales Funnel

The first way you can use a WordPress pop-up plug-in to make your membership site more profitable is by increasing the entry points to your sales funnel. The more ways someone can access your sales funnel, the more likely they are to become a member. Most website owners limit the access to their website funnel because they only allow for opt in pages on their primary sales page and maybe in the sidebar of their free blog. The truth is a pop-up plug-in can be used on nearly every free page of a WordPress website in order to attract new visitors.

  1. Advertise Special Promotions to Non-Members

Another way to use a WordPress pop-up plug-in to make your membership site more profitable is by advertising special promotions to nonmembers. Rather than leave them through your traditional sales funnel you can direct them to a specific promotion. This is particularly effective if it is a limited time promotion. The reason to do this is because it gives you an opportunity to generate new members off of impulse purchases rather than leading them through a week+ long warming phase before showing the offer.

  1. Advertise Special Promotions to Pay Per Post Members

Another unique way to use a word press pop-up plug-in to generate more income is by advertising special promotions in relation to previous purchases. This is particularly useful if a section of your website utilizes the pay per post method. If someone purchases a single post than a pop-up plug-in is the ideal way to advertise a special discount on purchasing multiple posts simultaneously. This is especially effective if they truly enjoy the first post they purchased from you.

  1. Share Important Message with Members

The final way to use pop-up plug-ins is by sharing important messages with current members. As a general rule of thumb, you want to limit the number of distractions within the member’s area. Since they are already paying members there is no reason to continue advertising your membership site through a pop-up. Additionally, a majority of membership site management plug-ins offer a way to contact members directly via a message center or email. With this in mind, you only one he is a pop-up plug-in and you are sharing and especially important message with them. For example if you are launching a new membership tier or completely different product that will interest a majority of members. This particular strategy deftly shouldn’t be overused because it could drive away members in the long run; however for truly unique situations a pop-up plug-in may be exactly what you need.

You may check the free and premium WordPress popup plugin at the link below:

WordPress Popup Plugins

3 Reasons Your Membership Site Needs a Twitter Profile

3 Reasons Your Membership Site Needs a Twitter Profile


Twitter has undergone a bit of scrutiny from internet marketers lately because, on average, the conversion rates are among the lowest of the popular social networking sites. At the same time, it makes you and your products so accessible that there are still benefits to be had. A lot of internet marketers will have a Twitter profile for themselves, but many decide not to create separate ones for their products. While not every product will benefit from a Twitter profile, a membership site will. This is because membership sites are constantly updated with new content that can be shared. Here is a quick look at how you can benefit from creating a Twitter profile that focuses solely on your membership site.

  • Engages Current Members

One of the biggest reasons that people cancel subscriptions to online membership sites is because they simply don’t use it enough. It doesn’t matter how great the content is, they just don’t get around to using it as much they think they should. By creating a Twitter feed solely for your membership site, you have an additional method of communication that can keep your members engaged with your site. Even if they don’t actually use your site any more than they do now, they feel like they do. Lowering your attrition rate alone, should be enough justification to start a Twitter feed for your membership site.

  • Excellent ROI

Assuming that you would create a Twitter profile to lower your attrition rate anyways, a dedicated profile can have an excellent ROI. The first part to this equation is the costs. The truth is that you don’t have to send a Tweet every 10 minutes to create an effective campaign. Rather, you simply need to provide Tweets that people want to share. Assuming that you will be sharing content from your public blog, the information should be worth sharing. With a simple WordPress plugin, you can have these Tweets posted automatically. Overall, the cost is minimal at most. On the other hand, the returns can be fairly high. At minimum, it will lower your attrition rate and at most, it will also attract new members that you otherwise would never cross paths with. With such a low cost and high potential returns, it should be no surprise that the ROI can be so high.

  • Adds Value

Can people follow your Twitter feed without actually joining your membership site? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t add value to what you are offering. One tactic that has become more popular recently is to have a monthly chat via Twitter. This not only engages potential members, but also adds value for your current members. Plus, during this process, you are naturally creating valuable content for members and non-members alike. This could let you know what content you should create for next month or even give you the foundation for an entirely new product.

Considering how simple it can be to create a Twitter profile solely for your membership site and how high the potential returns can be, there is no reason not to add this tool to your arsenal. Not only will it help recruit new members, keep current members happy, but it gives you a great way to learn more about what your members want and add value to your product.

Magic Members vs. S2member

Magic Members vs. s2member – Which WordPress Membership Plugin is the Best?

Nothing makes setting up and maintaining a WordPress membership site more difficult than choose the wrong membership plugin at the outset.  Two WordPress plugins that have become increasingly popular are Magic Members and s2Member.  Both are similar in many ways, but there are some important differences that need to be considered in order to find the right fit for certain types of membership sites.  It is important to note that s2Member offers a free version as well as a premium version although some of the more important features are only available with the paid version.  Magic Members only offers a premium version, but it is extremely feature-rich.

Backend Interface

When it comes to managing a membership site, an easy to use admin area can save a lot of time or create unnecessary complications.  The s2Member plugin isn’t inherently difficult to use, but it can get complicated at times.  The built-in features are easy to set up, but this can hurt the overall level of flexibility which can lead to spending extra time getting everything just right.  This is especially true if you are adding a plugin to a pre-existing website to create a members area rather than starting from scratch.  The Magic Members plugin is extremely easy to setup and use.  The UI is intuitive and all of the flexibility and customization options are built-in to a central management area.  This can save a lot of setup and maintenance time.


In terms of basic membership site management functionality, both of these plugins are fairly similar if the premium versions are compared.  The same cannot be said about the free version of s2Member.  One of the benefits of Magic Members is all of the core functionality is centrally located.  This makes managing a membership site less complicated if you have multiple people, either in-house or outsourced, handling different aspects of the site.


Flexibility is more than the core functionality a WordPress membership plugin offers.  It also includes the ability to operate multiple types of sites and integrate additional plugins.  Magic Members easily integrates with most WordPress plugins which ensures the overall membership design and functionality is extremely flexible.  The developers also respond quickly to fix integration problems which may crop up.  On the other hand, s2Member isn’t considered to be a very flexible plugin.  What it does, it does well.  What it doesn’t do is often difficult to compensate for.  For example, Magic Members makes it easy to add a pay per functionality to video sites and drip feed content.  This isn’t the case with s2Member.

Payment Modules

One of the most important things to look at when comparing membership plugins is the payment processors they support.  Nothing cripples a membership site faster than not being able to accept the payment method preferred by the target audience.  S2Member supports all of the most popular payment processors, but not much else.  Magic Members not only supports all of the most popular payment processors, but is consistently adding additional geo-specific payment options as well.  This makes it a better solution for membership sites targeting specific geographic areas.


Overall both membership plugins have highlights and drawbacks.  For a simple membership site on a clean install, s2Member is a good choice because it is inexpensive and easy to setup.  In most situations, Magic Members proves to be a better long-term option because it is updated more regularly and additional functionality is consistently being added.


Check Magic Members Details     <– –> Check S2member Details

s2Member vs. Wishlist Member – Is There a Clear Winner?

There are more WordPress membership plugins available today than ever before.  At first glance, many of them appear similar which makes comparing all of the options difficult.  Two popular options are s2Member and Wishlist Member.  Both are known for being solid choices, but there are a number of differences which must be considered when deciding between them.

Number of Supported Payment Processors

One of the biggest differences is the number of payment processors each plugin supports.  There is no arguing Wishlist Member supports a lot more.  s2Member primarily supports the biggest, most popular payment processors but few others.  On the other hand, Wishlist Member offers a much wider selection.  One important caveat is Wishlist Member has two different lists of payment processors they support based upon integration.  Fully integrated payment processors are those which will handle of the member unsubscribes automatically.  Partial integration means the payment processor can still handle both one-time and recurring payments but you will have to do all of the unsubscribes automatically.

s2Member has a Free Option

A notable benefit of s2Member is the ability to a free alternative.  To get access to all of the features, the premium version is necessary but at least a free version is available.  This is a great way to test it out and in some cases may be enough.  Wishlist Member does not have a free version at all.

Both Offer Support – But Each is Different

Another difference is the level of support available.  There have been some complaints about s2Member support because it is entirely forum-based.  While they claim to respond to every question within 48 hours, there is always a chance they miss a thread occasionally.  Wishlist Member utilizes the traditional ticket-based support system and guarantees a 24 hour response time.

Wishlist Member Allows for Drip Feeding Content

A huge priority for some types of membership sites is the ability to drip feed content.  Of the two options, only Wishlist Member has this functionality.  This has always been a mark against s2Member and there are no signs they will integrate this ability in upcoming releases.

s2Member Is a One-Time Fee and Less Expensive

The pricing structure is another difference to consider.  s2Member is only a one-time fee, which includes unlimited updates as new versions are released.  On the other hand, Wishlist Member only offers free updates for a year following the purchase.  Additional updates will require an additional fee.

Wishlist Member is More Flexible Because It Has More Features

Since Wishlist Member includes more features, it shouldn’t be surprising that it is also more flexible.  Some WordPress membership plugins try to pack in as many features as possible, but start to feel clunky and difficult to use.  This hasn’t been a problem for Wishlist Member.  It manages to be both feature-rich and flexible.

s2Member is Easier on System Resources

The final issue to consider is system resources.  Wishlist Member is known for requiring a lot of resources, especially when a membership site grows to 500+ members.  On the other hand, s2Member is extremely lightweight and has tested well even in less expensive shared hosting environments.


Both WordPress membership plugins can be a good choice depending on the situation.  The key is comparing the strengths and weaknesses within the framework of your specific membership site to determine which one is best.

Creating a Product That Pulls People Into Your Membership Site

Creating a Product That Pulls People Into Your Membership Site

It has become increasingly common for membership site owners to create an introductory product that they use to establish a relationship and build trust with potential members. The key to doing this successfully is almost entirely related to the content within the introductory product.

The biggest mistake that most people make is that they get so focused on building trust with the first product that they end up giving everything away. If your potential members get everything that they need from the first product, why would they even signing up for your membership site?

The general rule of thumb is to create a product that tells people why to do something and let the membership site address the how. Let’s take search engine optimization for example. Your introductory product should address two primary issues. First, it needs to tell people why SEO is important. Second, it needs to them why they need to learn more about it.

This is where your membership site comes into play because it will tell them exactly how to create an effective search engine optimization strategy.

If your introductory product tells them everything that they need to know, you are taking away any incentive for them to join your membership site.

Another thing to consider is how your introductory product will actually promote your membership site. There are two strategies that tend to be used the most often because they are consistently successful.

1. Step By Step
The first strategy is to write the introductory product assuming that they are already a member. Obviously, you know that they aren’t, but it gives them some insight into what the benefits of being a member are. For example, if you are dealing with weight loss, then you might have a section about meal planning. Within this section, you can give tips about how to plan meals a week at a time with the meal planning section of your membership site. By doing this, you will have addressed the why insofar that they should plan their meals in advance in order to eat healthy. You have also told them how to do it, without actually giving the how away. They must become a member in order to actually get what they need.

2. The Friendly Hints
The other common strategy is to simply reference your membership site over and over throughout content. The key to doing this effectively is to start out referencing it casually, like by joining XYZ this can be taken care of for you. Then as you get farther into the product, start promoting it more directly. This essentially combines the casual pre-sell and direct promotion into a single approach.

It has been proven time and time again that creating an introductory product is a great way to boost conversions and get more members. The key is knowing how to craft an introductory product that actively pulls people in.

aMember Pro Review

aMember Pro Review

Is It the Membership Site Solution You Need?

There is no chance that you will build a successful membership site without utilizing a high-quality membership site program to manage and secure everything from a centralized location. aMember is one of the most mature commercial software options, as it has been around for more than a decade. It should be no surprise that it is one of the more popular options on the market, given the amount of time that the developers have had to tweak and improve the original product. The current release is version 4.X which marked a number of improvements over the previous version. There is a good chance that you have heard about aMember before, but you still might not know exactly what to expect. Here is a closer look at the biggest benefits and drawbacks that the software has.


Before we get into the unique benefits of aMember, it is important to point out that the software has nearly all of the advanced features you would expect from a top-notch membership program such as drip-feeding content, an affiliate management program, unlimited membership tiers, and is excellent at protecting the members area from outside access.

Free Initial Installation

The biggest benefit of aMember is that you can take advantage of their free installation policy. This can be incredibly useful if you don’t have any experience installing this type of software on your website. It is coded almost entirely in PHP, which means that there can be a steep learning curve if you aren’t familiar with it. Keep in mind that this is a basic installation and you will still be responsible for all of the customizations that you may need.

Built In Help-Desk

Another benefit of aMember is that there is a built-in help desk for your members. This is not a publically accessible help desk, so they will need to be logged into their account in order to use it. The help desk is easy to manage from within the admin area, although it isn’t the flashiest help desk on the block – it is still very solid.

Extremely Flexible – In More Ways Than One

aMember was definitely created with you in mind. A majority of the changes that you will need to make can be done from within your admin area. There are also a number of plugins that you can purchase which will help integrate popular 3rd party utilities such as vBulletin. Additionally, when you purchase aMember, you will get complete access to the source code which will allow to you make any modifications to the PHP code. The only exception is a primary source file which is encrypted due to licensing purposes. Overall, you will be able to change pretty much everything if you need to. For the most part, anything that aMember can’t do could be added with varies hacks.


Strict Transfer Rules

One of the more surprising drawbacks of aMember is the uber-strict transfer rules that they have in place. Keep in mind that you can only purchase a single site license at a cost of $179.95. Currently, there are no multi-site licenses publically available. The biggest restriction is that you will only be allowed to transfer your license to a new domain if it has not previously been transferred and was purchased within the last 3 months.

Extra Plugins Can Get Expensive

Another drawback is that purchasing the extra plugins can be expensive. While there are a few free ones, a majority of them are $40 apiece. This can quickly add up if you plan on creating multiple membership sites.

Steep Learning Curve

The final common criticism of aMember is that the overall learning curve is much steeper than other options on the market. aMember has never undergone a drastic redevelopment, so all of the features that have been added over time have led to a bloated program. Plus, there are sections which are not very user friendly for newbies.

aMember will likely be a main competitor in the membership software space for the foreseeable future. Overall, it is a high-quality product with more benefits than drawbacks. At the same time, there are a number of newer options that can match the feature set, while simplifying the user interface and minimizing the learning curve.

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