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How to Make Money with Membership Site

How to Make Money with Membership Site ebook. This ebook is ideal to learn how to create a membership site an make money with them. You can download the ebook at the below link:


Magic Members vs. S2member

Magic Members vs. s2member – Which WordPress Membership Plugin is the Best? Nothing makes setting up and maintaining a WordPress membership site more difficult than choose the wrong membership plugin at the outset.  Two WordPress plugins that have become increasingly popular are Magic Members and s2Member.  Both are similar in many ways, but there are […]

wishlist member vs s2member

s2Member vs. Wishlist Member – Is There a Clear Winner?

There are more WordPress membership plugins available today than ever before.  At first glance, many of them appear similar which makes comparing all of the options difficult.  Two popular options are s2Member and Wishlist Member.  Both are known for being solid choices, but there are a number of differences which must be considered when deciding […]

Membership Site Product

Creating a Product That Pulls People Into Your Membership Site

Creating a Product That Pulls People Into Your Membership Site It has become increasingly common for membership site owners to create an introductory product that they use to establish a relationship and build trust with potential members. The key to doing this successfully is almost entirely related to the content within the introductory product. The […]

aMember Pro Review

aMember Pro Review

Is It the Membership Site Solution You Need? There is no chance that you will build a successful membership site without utilizing a high-quality membership site program to manage and secure everything from a centralized location. aMember is one of the most mature commercial software options, as it has been around for more than a […]

PagSeguro Integration

PagSeguro Integration

PagSeguro Integration Can Give Your Website Immediate Access to Brazilian Shoppers PagSeguro has proven to be an incredibly valuable payment processor for anyone who is even thinking about tapping into the Brazilian e-commerce market. This market has proven to be growing at an incredible rate, yet many payment processors simply don’t have access to the […]

wordpress membership site

3 Reasons WordPress Has Become the Perfect CMS for Membership Sites

Since the release of WordPress 3.0, it has finally started to be recognized by the general community as an effective CMS and not just a blogging platform. While devoted WordPress fans have known about it’s power for a long time, it wasn’t until recently that the average webmaster considered it a viable, long term option. […]